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March 31

FFCRA - Client Training Webinar


March 27

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or the CARES Act,” was signed into law on March 27, 2020.

Read the full bill here

FFCRA - Employee Notice Poster

Each covered employer must post a notice of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) requirements in a conspicuous place on its premises. An employer may satisfy this requirement by emailing or direct mailing this notice to employees, or posting this notice on an employee information internal or external website.

FFCRA Employee Poster Download

FFCRA Employer Notice FAQ's

March 25

Alliance Payroll FFCRA Training Webinar Scheduled

To ensure proper reporting of the employer tax credits available under the FFCRA Emergency FMLA and Paid Sick Leave benefits, Alliance will be globally setting up earning codes. The new codes will be available for use Wednesday, April 1st.

Please join us for our FFCRA Training Webinar to learn the exact procedures to track FFCRA in your AllPay software:

Date: Tuesday, March 31st

Time: 10:00 AM Central

Click here to Register (this webinar will be recorded and posted in AllPay University)

FFCRA Effective date moved to April 1st, 2020

The Department of Labor (DOL) announced its first round of published guidance to provide information to employees and employers about how each will be able to take advantage of the protections and relief offered by the FFCRA when it takes effect on April 1, 2020.

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March 24

FFCRA changes being implemented to your AllPay Account

Coming changes related to HR 6201 - Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

In order to ensure proper reporting of the employer tax credits available under the FFCRA Emergency FMLA and Paid Sick Leave benefits, Alliance will be globally setting up the codes listed below in each company.  Please also note: it is generally interpreted that any FFCRA FMLA or Paid Sick Leave usage in advance of April 1st may not be eligible for the employer tax credits.

  • CVESL - CV Employee Sick Leave
  • CVFSL - CV Family Sick Leave
  • CVUFMLA - CV Unpaid FMLA (memo hours only)

These earning codes will be available to you on April 1st. These codes must be used to track FFCRA hours and payment of FFCRA wages through December 31, 2020.

The general interpretation of these FFCRA wages is that they constitute “Regular” Pay. As such, the resulting wages and hours should be included in the following calculations:

  • Employee Retirement Plan deductions and Employer matches/contributions
  • PTO (sick, vacation, etc.) accruals for hourly employees. This includes all state mandated sick accruals.
  • Any Other code groups that include regular pay, for example: custom reports, custom calculations, etc.

Alliance will include the wages and hours for these earning codes in your Retirement, PTO Accruals, and Other code group calculations. If, you do NOT want this to be included in your calculations, please email us at .

FFCRA Summary Information

Alliance Payroll Services has published an FFCRA Overview Document and an extensive Employer FAQ for review. These documents will be updated as more information becomes available:

NOTE: Our interpretation is that any FFCRA FMLA or Paid Sick usage in advance of April 1st may not be eligible for the employer tax credit

March 23

Covid-19 HR Guidance & Best Practices Webinar

Employers are facing unprecedented challenges navigating COVID-19. Kara Govro, Senior Legal Editor, will address the most common HR questions relating to COVID-19 and share resources and best practices on topics including work-from-home policies, FMLA, and PTO.

Access a recording of this session here: Recoding of March 23rd webinar

March 19

Families First Coronavirus Response Act signed into Law

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) was signed into law on March 18, 2020.  This is the second in what is expected to be a series of bills that aim to stimulate economic growth and ensure proper medical treatment and nutrition for those affected by COVID-19.

In the coming days and weeks, federal regulatory agencies, including the Department of Labor (DOL) and Health and Human Services (HHS), will provide guidance on how to execute or implement the new requirements. In the meantime, employers and advisors must rely on a good faith interpretation of the act’s text. 

Let us answer your questions

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Federal Resources - Updated March 23rd

CDC Materials

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued:

 The CDC has also created the following posters for download:

Keep up to date on CDC guidance for specific industries, latest updates, and resources on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) main page.

DOL Materials

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has created a resource page for workers and employers. The DOL’s Wage and Hour Division has a web page that explains how the Family and Medical Leave Act applies in cases of COVID-19 and other public health emergencies, and a web page that explains how the Fair Labor Standards Act applies in the same circumstances. Fact Sheet#70 provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding furloughs and other reductions in pay or hours worked.

EEOC Materials

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has created a landing page entitled What You Should Know About the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and COVID-19, which provides links to resources and guidance.

HHS Materials

In response to COVID-19, the Office of Civil Rights for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a bulletin regarding HIPAA Privacy and COVID-19.

OSHA Materials

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has created a COVID-19 website for workers and employers that addresses the disease and provides guidance and other resources for preventing exposure to and infection with the virus.

Topics covered include:

OSHA has also issued the publication Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19.

Small Business Administration Materials

The U.S. Small Business Administration has issued guidance entitled SBA Disaster Assistance in Response to the Coronavirus, explaining how the SBA is offering designated states and territories low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Also see Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources.

State Resources - Updated March 23rd

We are adding state resources daily. Check this section often for links to new or updated resources.


Department of Health Services




Interim Guidance for Protecting Health Care Workers


Interim Guidelines for Protecting Workers in General Industry


Educational Materials and Fact Sheets


Model Written Plans and Programs


Department of Industrial Relations (DIR)

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – FAQs : Employee leave options, compensation, and salary.


Department of Public Health (DPH)


Employment Development Department (EDD)


San Francisco

Office of Labor Standards Enforcement


Office of Economic and Workforce Development



Department of Labor and Employment



Department of Labor



Department of Economic Opportunity



Department of Labor



Department of Employment Security


Illinois Department of Public Health



Department of Labor



Workforce Commission



Department of Labor



Department of Labor



Department of Public Health

Labor and Workforce Development



Department of Health and Human Services



Minnesota Unemployment Insurance



Department of Employment Security



Department of Health and Human Services


New Jersey

Department of Labor & Workforce Development


New York

New York State


Department of Labor

  •   Unemployment Insurance (seven-day waiting period for Unemployment Insurance benefits for people who are out of work due to COVID-19 closures or quarantines)

Office of the Attorney General


North Carolina

Department of Commerce and Employment Security



Office of Unemployment Insurance Operations



Employment Department


Governor’s Office


Secretary of State



Department of Labor and Industry


Rhode Island

Department of Labor and Training



Department of Labor & Workforce Development



Workforce Commission



Workforce Services



Department of Health

Employment Security Department (ESD)


Office of the Governor



Department of Workforce Development